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March 29, 2008


Jason McGowen

no foot control for the TM? I'd have to have a footcontrol I think. I really like the set up though. I hit EC yesterday for a couple hrs. w/out a bite. Water was heavily stained and water temps were in the low 40's

Big Indiana Bass

Jason, Not sure if you ever saw the Triton, but I ran a hand control on that one for the past 6 years, so I'm pretty used to them. Previous to that all my units were foot control, so I'm good with either. The only bad part with foot controls in small boats is that they take up a lot of room and force you to stand back off the front in order to use them. I'm all about maximizing front deck space, so that alone was one reason I didn't go that route. Also look close at the step down off the uppermost front deck. That would have meant mounting the foot control back even further to get the cables to make that drop.

On the EC note, my absolute favorite lake to fish. I can't wait to get back out there. I grew up just down the road from the reservoir and have basically fished it ever since I was a kid, which was shortly after it opened. Have walked the banks of the entire reservoir when it was down nearly 14' a couple times, plus have photos of everything from the river to the dam when it dropped. Made a lot of money fishing the jackpots over there. Still trying to decide if I'm going to start fishing some of those again.

Good luck in the tourneys this year, assuming Cataract ever comes down enough to even be able to hold them ;)

Jason McGowen

Cataract is at it's "normal" spring levels it seems! I'm still plannin on fishin the raccon/cataract USA bassin division. I have alot of fun w/ those. I spent alot of time at EC last spring and summer. The fishin can be awesome up there.......it's one of the best topwater lakes around. I've never fished a tourney there though. I can only use the trollin motor w/ the bassboat and my little boat w/ the 9.9 doesn't have a livewell. I'd love to fish a tourney there though....I had some 15-18lbs days there last summer. If you ever need someone to tag along or get in a tournament up there just hollar!!! I've had some of my better days at Cataract when it's been up 20 plus feet. Water just needs to warm up a few degrees and the bigguns will get up in the bushes.....biggest bass I've ever caught out of there came off the top (the roof literally)of the shelter house at the beach!

Rick Vogelbacher

New rig looks good buddy. I'm sure it will help in the bass catching this year.

Tight lines

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