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April 12, 2009


Bill Wilhite

Brian, thanks for the Waveland report. You should have entered the tournament, sounds like you would have won it. Who needs a $30,000 bass boat? Those large gizzard shad are why they have been stocking muskies in Waveland. Hopefully, they have survivied and grown to the point where they can control the shad that grow this large. I hope the bass stockings control the rest of the shad. Thanks, Bill Wilhite

Big Indiana Bass

Thanks Bill, but my tourney days are pretty much over. There were at least 3 going on that I could tell. Once upon a time I got a kick out of getting up at 3 in the morning to drive to a tourney site, launch with the other 58 boats in an overcrowded parking lot and then have to fight for spots all day long, often times in less than enjoyable weather just to catch a few fish and win some gas money.

Now I get a good nights sleep and wake up by 10 am, eat some breakfast or lunch and take my time heading out to the lake, timing my arrival so I get there about an hour or two before the tourneys end. This way I can judge the pressure, see where guys are fishing (it's a tourney, they all have to be on their best spots), and in an hour or two they all go home and I then have an entire public lake practically to myself to fish for the next 4-5 hours. And I don't miss out on any good action as the evening bite is almost as good as the morning bite in many cases.

Paul Roberts

Water looks roiled -muddy? Did that enter in?

Big Indiana Bass

Not much Paul, we just adapted. I would classify it as a "good stain" - LOL. We still caught fish on Traps and shallow cranks, so a fast moving bait wasn't precluded. It was a bit murkier though than I like for deeper cranking, and the wind wouldn't really allow for a good slow presentation out deep in my little piece of tin. That said, the bite probably would have been a bit better overall if the water was a little clearer, and the post frontal type conditions didn't help a ton either (NNE winds @ 10+ and quite a bit of sun).

BTW, just saw some partial results from one of the clubs and it looks like 6 out of the 14 boats/anglers blanked. If so, it was a tough bite out there as it's pretty difficult to not catch fish on this lake if you just chunk and wind all day.

Josh McDermott

It was too crowded, period. I had three and my student had two, mine all came real early on traps and I simply got tired of fighting to fish even a 50 yard stretch without two, three or even four boats pulling in front of me on a routine basis. Its not usual for me to get ticked and let those things bother me but I guess I was in a different mood that day. We did chunk and wind all day, and I guess a limit wasnt bad in my boat but it was more a battle than anything else. I even had a boat coming toward me at one area and I figured we would do the correct thing and pass one another and continue on. But nooooo, this bunghole had the stones to turn his boat around and proceed to fish back the other way without batting an eye.

It sucked, and I look forward to fishing that lake most times. I sure hope the pressure slows down or it might be bad news for that little gem.

Big Indiana Bass

Thanks for the update Josh. Have they gone ot a combined boat weight system yet, or is it still boaters against boaters, and students against students? Anyway, 58 boats is way too many on that lake. Once you pass the 25 boat threshhold, things get ugly out there. I just laughed when I saw the 13 boats squeezed in on the dam :)

We had to park all the way out by the tennis courts after launching. I haven't seen that out there in many, many years, but it will become more common as word of that fishery spreads. The number of searches I get just to my site for Lake Waveland is pretty scary.

Paul Musielak

Any idea about how Waveland is in late March?? Would definitely appreciate some feedback!

Jim Bell

What is the best time to fish in the fall for crappie at lake waveland.

Big Indiana Bass


I would wait for the water to cool down to the point of the algae blooms not firing up. This would probably be around late Sept. to early October. You can also check with the guys on the Indiana board of Crappie.com to see if anybody else has some ideas.

Thanks for dropping by the site.

Austin O'Hara

We were out there last tuesday caught a couple 2-3 pounders.. better than the blank we had a couple weeks before. Headin out early tomorrow morning hopefully we can find somethin bigger than a 3 pounder, or at least catch more than a couple 2-3's.

Ron McVey

Any body fished the lake lately. If so what lures other than rattle-traps, were used.
I catch and release so others can have the opportunity to catch some.

Big Indiana Bass

Ron, I was out there earlier this month and caught a few on shakey head worms and jigs. Didn't try cranks but they should be biting those as well as topwaters perhaps for a little bit longer. Spinnerbait might even work on a good breezy day. See link below for my October report:


william talbott

When does Lake Waveland close for the year?

Big Indiana Bass

William, the lake is scheduled to close Dec. 1, 2011 this year.

Jeff Stafford

Hey Brian,
I am headed down to Waveland from Minneapolis,MN to visit family and plan on doing some bass fishing on the lake. How have things been lately as far as fish numbers and lures to use? I am assuming the good ol standbys(cranks, worms, spinnerbaits, etc.)are all good choices in standard "stained" water colors(white, blue, chartreuse). From what I can tell, water temp is runnin around 80 degrees which means ssslllooowww presentations but I need some insight on areas to fish and what tactics are really producing right now. I look forward to your feedback and any tips you have.
Thanks, Jeff

Big Indiana Bass

Jeff - Sent you an e-mail with more info. Let me know if you didn't get it...



I am thinking about heading to Waveland Lake this week to fish with my son. We don't have a boat. Does Waveland lake have several access points to fish from the banks?



Big Indiana Bass

Jeff - There are several areas of shore fishing available. There is a small causeway that is very popular that you cross over shortly after you enter the lake (parking on right), as well as a large grassed main lake point and a couple small coves that you can fish off of closer to the beach area.


Great - Thanks


steve bullard

Brian are you in charge of this site.

Big Indiana Bass

Hey Steve/"Bull" - Yes, this is my site which I created back in Dec. 2006. Still going after all these years.



I am attempting to fish at the lake , I need to know if ( 30 hp. outboard gas motor's) are allowed in the lake ? If so is there a ( fee charger ) to place my boat the lake & to fish there ?

Big Indiana Bass

Mr. Williams -

They allow outboard motors of all types. They do have docks, but I'm not certain what the slip rental policy is. I imagine if you are camping there, you might be able to rent something. The people at the gatehouse should be able to point you in the right direction, or help you out.


Hello, can anyone share with my daughter and I where to get some bass that are bigger than 2pbs at least? I fished here before, however the bass was very tiny lol. I'm in a boat. Please do share. I'm only going once to this location due to the travel of visiting. Jeff? Anyone? Thanks in advance.

Big Indiana Bass

Waveland has changed a lot over the years, and there are now a lot more big fish and a lot less little fish. It would probably be a good place to visit again for bass over 2 pounds.


it was extremely busy. People don't share the waters and rude. It's not worth bothering to go. They even drive with motor on idle right near you.

Big Indiana Bass

That's too bad. Being a small lake, it does make it tough when there are a lot of boats out there as there simply isn't any way to get away from the traffic. Hard to find good bass fishing and very little traffic at the same time these days.

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