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December 19, 2010


mike quinlin

I have used this on many fish, one five pounder in practice which later I caught in a Hoosier Open. I knew the fish, dew to one of the gills torn completly free on one end hanging down the side of the fish. It looked kinda scary! The reason I used diet mt. dew was the citric acid story. But whatever the reason it works!

Big Indiana Bass

Thanks for the testimony, Mike. There are enough instances of people using the technique and swearing by it, so in my eyes it's not a question of if it works. What interests me is 'why', and if it's due to some form of acid burning or cauterizing of delicate gill tissues, is this a technique to be promoting without any specific guidelines.

With answers as to the actual mechanism in play, we could then safely make a recommended course of action for anglers to take as opposed to the hodge-podge of responses you see now. For instance, I've read about just pouring a couple ounces specifically on the bleeding tissue, which seems to be the most frugal and responsible use of the technique. But I have also read guys pouring a whole can down the bass' throat, as well as guys dumping their drinks into their livewell as some kind of treatment. I've also read of all different recommended drinks, some saying that diet drinks are best, others saying it doesn't matter.

I'm just visiting the issue to promote further discussion and inquiry, so that we might be able to come up with a recommended best practice for actual use, not unlike the hydrogen peroxide issue.


I was taught this a few years ago from my boater in a tournament. The fish he poured the Mt. Dew in was a gonner for sure (bleeding badly). To my surprise he weighed it in 4 hours later and released it alive. I later found out why it works SUGAR. Mt. Dew has loads of sugar and apparently sugar stops bleeding.


I seen a video with Joe Thomas using a sprite with a mount for example purposes. He swore by it? Guess i gotta start carrying some dont sound like my diet coke will work.

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