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February 11, 2011



Have you played around with the IndianaMap project? I've been using it for other purposes and also searching for bathymetry layers but cannot find much in the public catalog. I know that surveys have been done on some lakes with contours up to 1'. These are often associated with weed/grass surveys which would be a great addition to a normal contour map but I can't put my finger on the actual layer, just the descriptions.

Any update on your map tease from a few weeks back :)

Big Indiana Bass

Aaron - I played with it a little when it first came out, but haven't messed around with it much lately. I just went to the site a minute ago to see what might have changed, but I keep getting an error saying it can't display the map. In the past, I've either had really slow connections that took forever to get to a layer I wanted, or errors with the program to where I can't get anything at all. Perhaps it's just my computer.

On my little tease, I've played with it a bit more. Having issues with the file type getting corrupted every time I try and e-mail it, which has been a small set back. Google won't allow you to use "Earth" for your own commercial purposes, at least not without their blessing, which is probably more involved than I want to get. On a positive note though, I have been able to get shoreline configurations to synch with contour data, so I can create a nice traditional printable map with the hi-res contours. Just trying to get scale correct at the moment and may go that route. We'll see...


I have fished southern Indiana lakes in the Greene/Sullivan forest area for 50 years and sure do hope this continues down toward this way, granted most of these are strip pits but there are many other manmade and natural lakes also, from Monroe Co. on to the south end of Indiana. Thanks

larry ayers

how would i find a depth map of hidden lake in hobart in.?

Big Indiana Bass

Unfortunately, small private lakes are likely not mapped by any commercially available means. Best bet would either be to check with the homeowners association to see if any historical maps exist, map it yourself using one of the newer mapping programs available on today's depthfinders, or if you run a Lowrance unit, you might check their Social Maps website to see if someone local with access to the lake has started a map.

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