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June 03, 2011



Very nice video! I've been reading for about a year now and it's nice to see a full tour of the boat. You did a great job. Sure makes me think twice about the Nitro Z7 I've had my eyes on.


That is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I've been tricking out my old 16' Grumman canoe for bass fishing, but just recently decided to give kayak fishing a try. Jury is out on that, but so far so good.

Tempted by your jon boat mods ... but money will keep me from going that direction, for now.


Great video Brian...absolutely love the conversion you've done! I bet it trailers really well too...


Excellent video Brian! It really has me thinking now......

Richard Andrews

Getting ready to rig up a new Alumacraft modified-v 1548 after saving my pennies for a few years. Donated my 40 year old Alumacraft jon and trailer which was still in good fishing shape. I agree, it sure is hard making the first drill holes into the boat. Thanks Brian for all the ideas and tips, video was a great bonus and well done!


great video guy i have a 1969 terry bass boat an you would not believe how much ur jon boat mods has helped me an my terry.!!

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