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January 29, 2012



I like your last point a lot! Here in VA a kindly Korean gentlman re-introduced me to the joys of simple fishing, but not with cane poles, rather the Wal-Mart telescoping pannie poles. I've since bought a serious 98% all-graphite model used for carp fishing in the far east. Use with special floats (and some lindy center sliders) and have caught everything from blue-gill to red ear to warmouth to white/yellow perch, american eel, bullheads to small channel cats to 1.5 lb bass.

Talk about fun!! I don't think I did a single long pole outing in 2011, it was all baitcasters and Stradics hunting for bass!

If you're interested in where to get some of the Korean/Japanese gear, let me know.

Big Indiana Bass

Thanks for the reply Darren - As you mentioned, not sure to what degree I'll be able to put down my bass gear this year either :) but have some ideas as to what I'd like to play with in regards to the long pole, including both bank and boat. Anyway, always interested in learning more, so feel free to forward any info/links to me via the e-mail address in the "Contact Us" box at the top left of the page. I'll definitely check them out. Thanks for dropping by the site...


I really like the 832 lime green braid.....fished it all last season on my tube rod. I only fished with the 10lb test though and I used seaguar red label for my leader in 12 and 15lb test. One spool lasted me through a couple of hundred tubes and a whole season with no problems at all.

If you do put on a "learn to fish" day and are in need of volunteers let me know!

Big Indiana Bass

Good to hear Bryce. I can't wait to spool it up and try it myself. I'll keep you posted if I do the kids thing around here.

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