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April 08, 2012



Had the grandson out a couple of days over spring break. We caught some pretty nice crappies along with a bunch of whites but they were all deep (15-20 feet). Then we talked to another fisherman and he said that he picked up a bunch of nice ones in the center of a small cove in 7-8 feet of water. I think you are right on about the spawn.

Brian A.

What do you think this cooler weather this week is going to do the fish and their spawning? The lake I'm fishing the water is already 65-67 degrees so even if it cools off just a little bit the water would still be right for them to spawn, but it is going to be cooler all week and then start progressively warming back up thur, fri, and sat. I have a tournament Saturday and I just fished 3 days and really got them figured out yesterday. Now I have to go back to work all week and go fishing Friday to pre fish a bit then tournament Saturday. Cooler weather will probably have my bite all screwed up knowing my luck lol.

Big Indiana Bass

Bob - Saw your truck in the lot, but never saw you out on the lake. I was looking though. That's twice I've missed you.

Brian - If your fish were already spawning and on beds, chances are they won't leave if eggs had already been deposited, a decent chance given the full moon Friday. If they weren't really locked down yet, they'll probably just back off a bit and wait it out. Wouldn't expect them to go far at all, just maybe slide out to slightly deeper water, or back off onto points or staging cover (docks, etc.) if close by. Depending on your pattern, they might now change at all. I'd start where you left them last weekend first, and then only adjust if that isn't panning out. Should be a simple backtrack inthe same areas to get them redialed in.

-Good luck!

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