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March 26, 2013



Thanks for not listing West Boggs! We like to keep the crappie fishing there a nice little secret ;-)

Big Indiana Bass

LOL - that good, huh? Just a 90 mile drive and I can be right there :) The crappie bite is probably better than the bass bite out there from what the tourneys have done the past 2 weeks.

Bill B

Well, if you're going to drive to northern Indiana or you already live here, head over the border and fish in Michigan. There's no such a thing as a bad panfish lake across the border. Oh wait, this is about Indiana fishing! Sorry about that...

Mark Shrader

We need to put red fin shad in our southern lakes it will make a average fishery turn on and we will have in two years have 9 inch fish turn in to 11 inches , 14 to 16 inch fish with shoulders , not the blades that are common in our lakes ! Look at Rend lake , kinkade lake Lake of Egypt , the biologist in Illinois have put them in and it nothing to catch 2 pound and 3 pound and even 4 pound Crappie , our waters are capable of doing the same , we are at the same latitude of Rend lake, the average fish is a pound and a quarter to a pound and a half !!!!

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