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July 22, 2013


Brad Burnette

A few years back when I still lived in Evansville, I went striper fishing at the Newburgh Dam for the first time ever with my best friend Brian Dolne and another person. The three of us vary on the numbers we caught, but for the day we caught 140+ stripers between 4-12 pounds. Caught skipjack herring on a sabiki rig, then threw the herring on 1-3oz sinkers as close to the dam as possible. It is one of the best days of fishing I have ever had.

Garrett Seybold

Looking for a way to contact Justin or anyone that would be willing to help out/show me the ropes fishing the dam. I've lived in Newburgh my whole life and finally bought a boat. Was out there today by myself so I didn't want to get too close they only had 3 gates open and the skipjack were definitely jumping but the only thing I caught was a massive gar on white 1/2oz inline spinner. You can email me at or text at 812-480-3271. Just looking for pointers. Thanks

Big Indiana Bass

Garrett - I haven't heard from Justin in a while. He used to hang out at the Indiana Board forums, so you might also check there. Additionally, you might pop in to American Legacy Fishing (Evansville) and see if anyone there can point you toward someone that knows the area.

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