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March 28, 2016



Just curious: are you going with a "lower hurdle" for Smallmouth? I suspect that 4-lb SM is a pretty old fish for IN...(?)

Big Indiana Bass

Matt, I hadn't really considered a criteria for smallies since I don't fish for them much through the year. Wouldn't seem to be fair to hold them to the same 4 lb. standard. Back in the 1980s there was a paper published that proposed the concept of a "Length Categorization System" which has been widely adopted by state DNRs. It is based upon world record length by species. "Memorable" fish are the largest size category of fish with the exception of "Trophy" fish. For largemouth, the memorable length minimum is 20" which doesn't fall too far off the 4 lb. criteria I've set for this challenge. For smallmouth, a memorable size is considered 17 inches. That actually seems a little small to me, so I guess if I were to set a smallie size limit for me, 18" seems like a more appropriate size minimum. Based on that, I would have had two such fish last year, a pair of smallies that both went a bit over 19"


BTW, awesome LM pic's, above. Those would certainly be "memorable" for me. Also, I like the "effects" - can you share how you did that? mlg

Big Indiana Bass

Matt, pics were "adjusted" in photo editing software using a process called HDR photography. HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. Pretty easy to Google up tons of info on it. I'm short-cutting the process by using a single picture and then just adjusting specific areas inside that picture as opposed to the "long way" which is taking 3 different exposure shots of the same pic and then overlaying them to bring out certain specific characteristics. I'm guessing most photo-editing software probably has this type ability.

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