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April 13, 2018


Paul Roberts

That's great, Brian. That's a lot of bass. I ordered some Thinfisher's bc all my blades are too heavy.


I agree. As for myself, I no longer fish in competitions and being retired, go for quantity first, quality second. I make most of my lures - mostly soft plastics - and love to catch large bass, crappie, perch and even catfish on small plastic grubs/minnows/ creature baits.

But if the big fish bite is on, I don't hesitate to go up in size because large fish get riled more so on large lures - especially near or on surface presentations.

Nice article!


I posted a link to this article in a 'Big Bait' discussion over at I believe that it gives fishermen something very valuable to think about when selecting a lure.

I've been reading your FB page over the winter. Good to read that you've done well with a 'micro' blade bait. That's very interesting to me.

BTW, the Johnson Min-O-Spin is one of the better inline spinners in my river arsenal. Now I'll be checking out their Thinfishers.

Did you get the idea to fish those tinier blade baits through any walleye fishing articles? I am curious.

Great read as always Brian.

Big Indiana Bass

Hi Don - I had originally bought these baits many years ago...and yes, they were purchased for walleye. Didn't read about them in an article or anything, but just through experience had realized I needed some lighter weight blade baits for fishing in some snaggy, rocky areas that would eat traditional half ounce baits. These were about all I could find, but I never used them. Stumbled back on them when trying to figure out a good bait to fish holes in ponds that are only 8-10 deep in winter with a bait that was more sized to the smaller bass in these locales. Just experimented from there and have been pleasantly surprised with the results this winter.

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