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January 08, 2019


william reneau

Just not doing as well with blades this winter. Even copycatted your Johnson Thinfisher from last April's post. It was foolproof through Nov. then MWF became dominant. Doubtless just a confidence thing. Big snow this weekend but I still think we're not going to get too locked in so open water should still be available(?) before too long. Now that's confidence.

Big Indiana Bass

kind of ironic as I have been the complete opposite. Soft plastics ruled all year, but ever since the wintery weather set in, I can't buy a bite on them.


I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Looking for some advice, I have been away from fishing for many years and plan to get back on the water this year. I've not ever fished much in Indiana, in your opinion what are your top public access lakes in Indiana for catching bass. I'm running a 115hp outboard so looking for your top bass lakes without the HP restriction. Thanks in advance for your input!

Big Indiana Bass

Brett - Not sure if location matters, but here's a few. To the south, West Boggs probably has the best bass bite going. It was renovated a few years back, and the numbers of bass are really high still with a chance at a few nice fish. No hp limit, but might be a 35 mph speed limit.

Centrally, I'd probably pick Geist as the best overall bite for numbers and size. A lot of other decent lakes, but none that really stand out any more. Used to be Waveland many years ago as the best, but it's back to just an average producer again.

To the north, it's hard to say since I don't go that direction too often. Mississinewa is decent, as is Shafer, but there are a whole lot of natural lakes that produce a lot of fish. Probably can't go wrong with any of the more popular lakes up that way.

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