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February 16, 2019


Steve Craig

From 75 to 84, I caught alot of HUGE bass in Raccoon. Buck had told me about the good structures on her and he was dead on. One of the best was where the old road bed was. Back then it used to break into the main channel at 21 feet into 31 feet of water. The last time I fished there that channel had completely silted in! I caught alot of nice adult sized fish there as well as the cove entrance across from Hollandsburg ramp during prespawn. Caught my first 5# bass at the cove bar. She used to be a great White Sandy color, but she is older now and starting to clear up some. I also caught alot for 3# Walleyes in her too.

Big Indiana Bass

Steve - hard to imagine that big of a drop up off that roadbed. Now days, when the lake is pulled down, you can't even tell there was ever a channel as it is nothing but a mud flat for as far north as you can see. Can only imagine how good it probably was back then.

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